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Why us?

Professional Know-how

MIKERON produces industrial ceramic parts for more than 30 years. Our parts are used by hundreds of satisfied customers around the world from mining and metallurgy to high-tech medical devices or semiconductors production.

Unique technology

Usually we work with wet isostatic pressing and precision CNC machining. This allows us to maintain geometrical and material properties to meet difficult demands even from prototype-sized series to regular quantities.

Continous improvement

Research and development are essential to keep up with the changes in our industry. We participate in various R&D projects with universities and research facilities. Numerous PhD theses and other papers have been publicated thanks to our special student program.

About us

MIKERON was founded in 1989 and remains a fully Hungarian owned company ever since. Our company philosophy paved the way in establishing our business: we keep precision and added value over quantites and regular ceramic mass products.

In the first few years we focused mainly on chemical industry, producing ceramic pump parts, valve balls, various nozzles and pistons. As demand appeared, higher added-value precision parts became standard mainly supplying medical industry (mainly ceramic shear valves, then automotive and several other fields of application. 

Our workshop became more and more versatile: specially modified CNC machining centers took over the job of conventional machines. These allowed us to catch up with the latest trends and fabricate top-notch quality products.

According to technical documentation, 3d model or some kind of joint development, we can handle orders even with rather strict tolerances,  in small or larger quantites as well.


Al2O3 ceramics info

Fields of application usually specify materials that can effectively be used to reach top results. If the part works in agressive substances, high temperatures  or in abrasive  environment while maintaining its shape and size, our materials are suitable for the job.

Al2O3  ceramics have many other advantages like superb electric insulation, chemical resistance in almost every situation or easy sterlilization (no open porosity). 

Our company uses 4 materials in the majority of cases:

  • 95%, 96% purity ceramics, common applications

    Reasonable price and good machinability allows us to produce a great array of parts reaching high quality. Their physical properties are almost the same, the 96% alumina comes with a much brighter white color, and it is much easier to machine (difficult shapes, thin walls). On the other hand, part precisity is a bit lower than than the 95% variant.

  • Application examples: ceramic welding pins, wear parts, nozzles, valve balls, machine parts, sliding bearings etc. 


  • 99,7%, 99,8% purity for extreme applications

    These materials excel in the extremes. No atomic contamination is detectable even at 600 degrees Celsius, so these are able to perform well even in semiconductors processing. Medical industry and presision measuring equipment show the greatest demand towards them. We recommend those materials to produce high purity ceramic actuators, medical shear valves, or measuring equipment parts. 

  • Their physical properties show minor differences: the 99,8% alumina is much harder to machine, but can reach higher density (chemical resistance etc).

  • However higher purity means expensive raw materials and difficulty in machining and processing in general, which means those products represent a higher price level.




Our products are used in more than 50 fields of application.

Medical equipment production
Precision measuring equipment
Paper industry
Chemical industry
Semiconductors processing

Our products

Usually we manufacture parts directly designed to be made of alumina ceramics , but we gladly replace your old steatite or porcelain parts too, using our materials. You can find ceramic medical shear valves, high precision valve balls (size d10-d200), valve seats, special crucibles, pistons, welding pins etc.

We supply our automotive partners with wear resistant ceramic connector masks, ceramic welding pins, various production line elements and measuring equipment parts.

 If you cannot find your matching products or fields of acclication, don’t hesitate to contact us to solve the problem. 

We are able to lap our products to reach 0,0004mm flatness, polish them to Ra0,1 or fine grind to diameter tolerance of 0,01mm. 

You can find several other products in the following gallery.


Besides following technical documentation, we can offfer some other services as well:


Joint product development from the designing table to manufacturing


Supporting maintenance through redesigning and replacing problematic non-ceramic parts


Optimisation: improving existing documentation of ceramic parts to reach a better result financially or in performance


Consultancy in material selection and manufacturing principles: if we know your problems (wear, expensive maintenance etc.) we can design the best solution


Ceramic insert production to upgrade existing metallic, plastic or other parts


We can boast hundreds of satisfied partners:

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